Ordering A Hubbit 2.0+

This is what happens, from when you order your Hubbit, from the assembly and the delivery to your door!

Why the Hubbit 2.0+

Check out our travel video on the

capabilities of the ultimate travel buddy!

2.0+, where everything has it's place.

Did You Know?

-We do not use ANY metal in our product, leaving no room for corrosion.

-Hubbit fits onto most bottles, we just have official Hubbit bottles to give you that official Hubbit look.

-Hubbit 2.0 uses one way valves so you don't have to block.

-You will lose your Hubbit before you break it! The material we use is THAT strong!

-Hubbit is the most compact and travel friendly hookah you will find.

-Hubbit Aqua: the first floating hookah!

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