Our Story

Two brothers, Nick and Martin, sitting in the boardroom of Baires Plastics, having lunch.
Martin pipes up "Nick, what if we make a hubbly that fits onto a buddy bottle?"
Nick looked at him, shook his head and carried on eating...
 As Nick was busy locking up, he see's Martin in the tool room starting to design and create his new idea.
Once Nick got home from work that day, he continued to have the usual Friday hub with his friend, Kyle (Panda).
Half way through their old school Hookah session, Martin rocks up 
with this, so called, "Bottle Hookah".
Not thinking much of it, as Nick has been an experienced Hookah-Jedi for 10 years, he avoids disapointing his older brother and racks a hookah bowl for this new creation.
Dumb struck at how this new "Bottle Hookah" really worked, the brothers decided to create the perfect smoking experience, and most travel friendly hookah, fitting on almost any bottle.
The Hubbit was born.

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